Outcomes of Positive Air Displacement

by / Thursday, 23 October 2014 / Published in Case Study

Case Study Spotlight: Outcomes of Positive Air Displacement

Sundance’s Safe Patient Handling System to Reduce Facility Acquired Pressure Ulcers

A recent case study by Good Samaritan Hospital measured the results of Positive Air Displacement system as a nursing intervention. The study proved a decline of hospital acquired pressure ulcers for patients. Good Samaritan Hospital also remained below the national benchmark for pressure ulcer prevalence for seven months out of eight.

The nursing staff observed:

  • Increased ability to move and position patients safely with the device in place.
  • A significant reduction was noted in number of low air loss bed rentals following the implementation of the nursing intervention.
  • A financial savings based on estimated numbers of patients appropriate for upgrade to low air loss surface, estimated cost of rental surface and patient length of stay.
  • A tertiary benefit of the intervention was a ten percent reduction of patient mobility related staff injuries compared to the same time period the prior year.

We appreciate the excellent research work of Wound Care Specialist, Roxanne Elling, RN, BA BSN, from Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. Roxanne is a leader in promoting the effects of positive air displacement to reduce the incidence of facility acquired pressure ulcers in nursing education.

Roxanne Elling

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