Shaping Lives with Therapeutic Comformational Positioning

by / Thursday, 20 November 2014 / Published in Products

Each November, The March of Dimes Foundation focuses on preterm births with National Prematurity Awareness Month and we are recognizing it by highlighting our part in supporting the development of NICU babies.


Did You Know?

  • Babies born at least 3 weeks before their due date are considered premature
  • 1 out of every 9 babies is born premature in the United States
  • Many premature babies can survive and thrive with proper care


Neonatal Positioning

NICU babies need to be placed in developmentally appropriate positions in order for their heart, lungs and muscles to continue to fight for improvement.


Enter Sundance.

Our fluidized comformational positioners are designed to meet virtually all of our patients’ needs. By providing the perfect blend of support and contouring, NICU babies can rest easily, which improves their continued development. With our product, caregivers can simply reposition their little patients with very limited disruption and stimulation, allowing infants to sleep longer and more frequently. Watch the video below to see our positioners in action and to learn how they benefit patients:



Some of Our Neonatal Positioning Products Include:

SUN DCP12020

  • This full body utility positioner helps with head shaping, neck support or as prone roll.



  • This large tube combo is ideal for setting boundaries for babies atop a large utility positioner like our SUN DCP12020. Suggested for baby 1800 grams or larger.


SUN DCP16024

  • This medium full body positioner helps with supine, sidelying and prone positions.


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