Sundance positioners rank at the top of my list of favorite items

I am thankful for everything that helps give Stella an amazing quality of life!  Sundance positioners rank at the top of my list of favorite items.  Because Stella cannot reposition herself at all, positioners are essential for every part of her daily life.  From sleeping at night to being in her wheelchair for school, they are a part of everything she does.  We are thankful that they are able to keep her comfortable since she cannot reposition herself in her wheelchair and they offer  support under her hands/arms while in an upright position.  Most children like Stella need constant turning at night but with these positioners, she needs very little repositioning which makes for a more restful night for both the child and parents.

Concerned Therapist



I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is

To whom it may concern,

In June of 2014, I was introduced to the Tortoise Positioning System. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is. My father was no longer able to move in the bed or get out of bed without maximum assistance. He could ambulate slowly with a walker and max assistance to a chair where he would sit until someone moved him. In spite of my mother and his caregivers moving him as much as they could he developed open pressure sores on his buttocks and back and redness in both heels.

I brought the Tortoise positioning system home to him to use in bed and in his favorite chair. Within a couple of days, the redness on his heel was gone. Moving him in and out of his bed was significantly easier and the pressure sores on his back and buttocks began to heal. When I left him to go back home after 9 days, his back and buttocks were healed as well.

The Tortoise Positioning System made caring for my father much easier, which made my mother much happier and helped make his last days much more comfortable.

Thank you,

Brenda K.
Occupational Therapist


Using the fluidized positioners for Clinton has helped make him more comfortable. We are able to reposition and support him in multiple ways therefore reducing pressure and skin breakdown. We are grateful to have your product available for his use.
Thank you,